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Tragic traffic accidents occur every day. Minimizing traffic accidents through the use of cutting-edge technologies has become an important focus in modern society.



Dahua transportation solutions deliver crystal clear real-time and recorded images. The latest technologies like ANPR and Face Recognition work to improve traffic and operational…


With the onset of rapid urbanization, residential areas have emerged as the center of our lives and as the place where families spend most of their time together.



The retail landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation as big-name retailers teeter on the verge of the bankruptcy and department stores…



As a facility security manager, you need to be prepared for all risks including theft, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more, which could topple key infrastructures.


Bankacılık ve Finans

With millions bank transactions every day, banking and financial institutions have been exposed to substantial criminals. At the same time, how to improve…

Spor ve Serbest Zaman Aktivitesi

Sports and leisure facilities face similar challenges in fulfilling security…